My thanks

My thanks must go to American Airlines for a really horrid journey. Tokyo to San Diego was never going to be fun but American Airlines did their best to make it worse. A boiling aeroplane and a wonderfully uncomfortable seat that made sleep quite impossible. I looked in envy at the man next to me who slept the entire way. When he finally woke I confessed my admiration; he confided his reliance on sleeping tablets to get through a journey on American. The food was pretty rubbish too. Breakfast was a bowl of paper-thin looking cornflakes. I think I managed a weak smile but after nine hours of purgatory I don’t know how.

Still, the best was yet to come. The kind baggage handlers at American seem to use my suitcase as a practice trampoline. The astonishingly expensive presents bought in Japan and carefully wrapped and packaged and then cossetted in the middle of my suitcase for maximum protection were smashed.

It is a joy to travel on a US carrier.