Through the window, I could see a warm rich dark orange light stripe the sky.  A beautiful end to a marvellous weekend.  A weekend back in that most wondrous of places: Taipei.

That sense of quiet, relaxed comfort never leaves me when I walk the streets.  Though I may not understand what is said, it is hard to doubt the warmth and sincerity that one meets.  And though nothing I did was very special (a haircut; a little shopping; a dinner of snacks in the local night market) everything was special (the haircut was really very good; the sales assistants were incredibly helpful; the night market didn’t just serve up fresh Korean-style fried chicken, but also the wonderful Taiwanese sausages, fresh seafood – and oysters, and a whole range of unidentifiable local delicacies).

It must be boring to be always told that other journeys and visits to other places are never quite as good.  But what can I say?  Taiwan simply is the best.