It has taken me a few days to sort myself out. Things do slowly come together, though. On Tuesday I did a spot of sight-seeing. I visited the rather magnificent Gateway to India. Built in honour of their Imperial Majesties it certainly was awe inspiring. I could not help but be wistful at the fact that none had been built for my arrival. Surely just as momentous?

Obviously not.

Bombay appears to be a massive city. Packed full of people, cars and towering buildings. A thirty-odd story block of flats is nothing to be remarked at, even if it stands next to the shantiest of bungalows. The roads are a constant swarm of human and motorised traffic but, like so much else in this city, it is not quite like what I have seen elsewhere in India. Busy the roads maybe, but chaotic (at least by the standards I saw further north back in 2002) they are not.